‘Responsibility’ Going Extinct

Yesterday morning I read about “Nintendo issuing ban hammer to 3DS pirates”. Well the ‘pirates’ here is referring to those who currently or previously pirated Nintendo’s game, or made illegal connection to Nintendo’s server through their 3DS system, or some other illegal stuff which my little out-dated brain don’t know of.

The consequences that those pirates are facing is “unable to access Nintendo online services“! Forever!

I have no idea if the penalty will be permanent or temporary, but I know for sure the pirates can’t access to Nintendo eshop and use other useful online services in the near future. There are few solutions for this, but I am not here to discuss about that.

I saw few post from Facebook, *cough*, there are many pirates are playing the victim card. Here is one of the examples:

Image taken from Kotaku, source here.

What the hell I am reading here? Isn’t that clear those pirates caused themselves these consequence? “I will never buy anything from Nintendo again.”, ironic for a pirate to say.

How much more man-baby can these pirates be?

Let’s take some serious criminal into this discussion.

  1. Someone is speeding down the road, a wild policeman caught him, he blame that policeman issuing him a summon.
  2. A robber is caught red handed, he blame the authorities putting handcuffs on him.
  3. A rapist is being sentenced to jail with spot on evidence, he blame others for he himself unable to control his little brother.

Oh, actually no one will think they themselves are in fault right? That’s reasonable. The most unreasonable thing is when there are people start to defend these criminals!

  1. “May be that person is in a hurry, you should access why he is speeding before issuing the summon.”
  2. “May be that person is in need of money, we should raise funds for that person.”
  3. “May be he is single for a long time and can’t afford to…(fill in the blanks), and he can’t help it when he sees a female, is biological, we should give him therapy.”

I do wonder is it a trend to say things that go against the mass. May be I took things too far when I compare these pirates with criminals. Let’s tone down slightly so we can see the big picture.

Someone participated in several competitions and he cheats most of the time. Until one fine day, the organiser finally caught him cheating with prove, obviously the organiser have to disqualify him BECAUSE he cheating right? Different event organiser might have different rules, this event organiser however ban him for participating in future events. Now, this person starts to go full blast on “OMG THIS ORGANISER SUCKS! I NEVER GONA PARTICIPATE IN THEIR STUFF AGAIN!“. Typical man-baby.

Then here comes the white knights, “give him chance, he just did a minor mistake, at least he supported your events…” bla bla bla…

If this cheater got away with what he had done, he might change to be better, he might just find a ‘smarter’ way to cheat, who knows? But the point here is those white knights are allowing this person not facing the consequences that caused by his own action. Not only that, if this cheater really got away with it, what message we are giving to the rest of the crowd. So they can try cheat and not being caught, and if being caught they can get away with it too?

Dear white knights, do you know that your actions are neutering people to be less responsible for what they had done?

This goes to some idiots that play Pokémon Go. One of the case that infuriates me is this:

Image taken from NY Daily News, source here.

This female creature girl was hit by car while crossing a highway playing Pokémon Go. A HIGHWAY. Smart move. While being interviewed, which I don’t understand why we need to interview this girl since we can clearly evaluate the intelligence from someone that cross a highway for playing a mobile game without being aware of their surroundings, she said: “I blame the game.”


Wait, what is written at the bottom of the loading screen of Pokémon Go?

Image taken from Gamified.UK, source here.

Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.

What else I need to explain for this sentence? Or the developer have to make a pop-up for every 5 seconds in the game to remind the players about “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.“?

From that girl, that’s was totally expected, because I wouldn’t know what else she can say about her own action of crossing the road of a highway without paying attention. The crazy thing is people agrees with this girl. Good job guys, let’s continue to tell everyone is ok to make whatever mistake they want, because they don’t have to face the consequences for it. Responsible? What is that? It doesn’t exist anymore, remove it from the dictionary please.

What else we have here:

  • Bad grades, blame the teacher.
  • No girlfriend, blame the girls.
  • Fat, blame the food. (that’s me)
  • Late, blame the alarm. (that’s also me)
  • Broke, blame the sales. (that’s… also me)

… Well those are just examples!

We are living in 2016 now, and I agree we need to be civilised and being supportive, but this doesn’t mean we should discard all basic moral and understanding towards situations. Before we go on trying to be white knight for anyone, please think about what consequences we will need to face when we keep bringing out the wrong message to the mass, allowing them to think that they don’t have to be responsible for their actions.

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.” – Unknown

In this case, we help those people to blame others, we took away their power to change. What is the cause of people nowadays not to be responsible in life? We are.